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Science of Healing: Advanced Wound Care Conference

This event attracted high-level clinicians who were keen to advance their practice using new and innovative products which are based on sound biologicial principles, taking a more active approach to stimulating wound healing rather than the more traditional, passive symptom-managing approach.

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Broadcast August 2020

25min session

Recent advances in the science of wound care

- What we know now – the biomarkers of wound healing
- The inflammatory response to wound repair and regeneration
- New Innovations based on new understanding

45min session

Advances in IPC for hard-to-heal venous ulcers
Session supported by

- Intro to WoundExpress
- Physiology and effects of IPC
- Case studies

15min session

Link between endovenous intervention and lower limb ulceration

- An overview of non-surgical interventions
- The evidence behind endovenous intervention
- How to achieve early referrals and better outcomes

15min session

Mechanobiology and tissue deformation

- Changing the shape of soft tissue - the initial step in the aetiology of chronic wounds
- Small deformations required for tissue health, larger deformations damage tissue
- How should we measure tissue deformation?

15min session

Bio-engineered skin substitutes

- What’s available in the UK
- When and how are they being used

15min session

Wound hypoxia- a barrier to healing

- The role of oxygen in wound healing
- Benefits of supplemental oxygen
- Topical oxygen therapy in practice

15min session

Science and wound healing future perspectives

- Most exciting advances in the last 12 months
- What to look out for?

15min session

Digital consultation and supporting the patient

- Examples of how technology supports patients
- Best options for monitoring and measuring wounds
What to look for in equipment

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