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At L&R our ambition is for every member of the L&R team, to change the lives of 3 patients affected by leg ulcers every day. The pressures faced by clinicians and on the NHS can make treating patients with long standing wounds extremely challenging. In order for the situation to improve for clinicians, patients and the NHS: a new way of thinking is needed. L&R are dedicated to improving outcomes for patients with leg ulcers by following the guidance in the Best Practice Statement for venous leg ulcers and adopting its Leg Ulcer treatment pathway. By adopting this approach NHS trusts from across the UK have reported earlier diagnosis, optimum use of compression, self care solutions used first line, more emphasis on maintenance to prevent recurrence, staff morale increase, patient empowerment and much more! For more information and to find out how we can support you to change the lives of those affected by leg ulcers and release your time to care contact us today.

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We have teamed up with English actor and comedian, Johnny Vegas to launch our new self care campaign Squeeze In. Squeeze In aims to empower people to manage their leg health to support improved outcomes and release nursing time back to care
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The ReadyWrap® compression garment makes it easy to achieve clinically effective levels of compression and offers the support patients need to manage their condition – not just today, but for life.
Leg ulcer hosiery kits can be used as first-line treatment of venous leg ulcers for patients who have low to moderate wound exudate and minimal limb distortion, which make them the ideal self care solution.
We’ve launched a new patient friendly website to support your patients to self care their lower limb condition.
NICE stated that the Debrisoft range is effective for chronic sloughy wounds and hyperkeratoic skin on acute or chronic wounds.


Support with measuring for L&R's compression hosiery range

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How to apply ReadyWrap

How to apply L&R's compression hosiery range

How to apply Actico compression bandage

Support with measuring patients for ReadyWrap

The power of Debrisoft

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